About Irfan Group

Irfan Group of Companies was born in 1949 and has remained a family-owned business for three generations. What began as a small one-person operation has grown into a diverse collection of businesses, including retail, manufacturing, food processing, and distribution.One thing that sets Irfan Group apart is its history of leading the way in every industry it enters.


Irfan Group are Partners with Jockey Inc. USA to design, manufacture, distribute and retail Jockey in Pakistan. Jockey Pakistan demonstrates its unwavering commitment to gender equality by providing women with equal opportunities across all facets of our operations which is 100 women WOrk force ie. from the sewing unit to the packing department. The Jockey division benefits from the capable direction of women who effectively manage the entirety of the department.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Flood Relief Packages

(By Asifa Irfan Foundation) With a history extending over several decades, the Irfan Family has remained dedicated to philanthropy, primarily concentrating on healthcare, education, and the social sector. Their impactful initiatives encompass health camp organization, shelter provision, clean water initiatives, and unwavering support for educational institutions, all with a special focus on assisting flood victims.

57 Beds Block at Punjab Institute of Cardiology ( PIC)

Under the Irfan Family’s leadership, the family has been quietly engaged in charitable work for many decades. Notably, they constructed a 57-bed facility called the “IRFAN ULLAH KHAN BLOCK: (rfan Block) at PIC, housing specialized areas including pre-operative, surgery, children’s, ICU, and gender-specific wards, as well as a boarding and lodging area with free meals for the attendants of the patients. All expenses for the smooth operations of this block are being shouldered by the Irfan family.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Amin Maktab

(School For Special Children)

A school designed specifically for students with unique needs is currently home to these special children. The family is actively engaged in the operations and running of the school and IS one of the major donors to the school and the children as well aS support the training program for the teachers.