American Business Forum is a non-profit body formed by responsible group heads of companies.lts purpose is to provide a platform to American Companies for business expansion, resolution of issues and attracting FDI in Pakistan.ln this regard, interaction with Provincial as well as Federal Governments is one of its key objectives.ABF endeavors to play a key role in promoting trade & investment which are vital for the economic revival of Pakistan.This member-focused association aims to help the general public by development of Human Resource in Pakistan and convincing people in fulfilling their social responsibilities. Its philosophy is that companies should be an integral part of the community in which they are

operating, since the corporate sector has the required expertise and the resources to undertake corporate social responsibilities.

The American Business Forum was formally inaugurated by the U.S Ambassador to Pakistan Ms. Anne W. Patterson on 2Ist May,2009. Inauguration was attended by Federal & Provincial Ministers, Federal & Provincial Secretaries and by distinguished members of the business community.

CSR activities of the American School of

International Academics

The American School of Iinternational Academics has had a very strong CSR initiative

in education and skills training of the youth:

  1. Scholarships upto 50%
  2. Endowment funds for the needy
  3. Teaching life skills to the special needs students
  4. Training local teachers and equipping them with the latest techniques and


  1. Offering community service programs to students of Middle/High School
  2. Educating parents on how to make their kids smart learners
  3. Training students grades 1-12 on adapting to a paperless environment by using

digital learning, the school portal and using social media/the internet/google as a valuable resource for research and learning!

All the above are free of charge, and available to all on campus. With a solar equipped 5 storey building, fast internet and wireless availability 24/7, and a paperless environment, ASIA school has become a totally self reliant and efficient green school of Pakistan.