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American Business Forum (ABF) was formed by responsible group heads of companies in November 2008. It serves as a high level platform for facilitating American Businesses in Pakistan where they can interact and better understand business challenges. The Forum enables members to communicate, interact and benefit from experiences and knowledge of the other members. The core objectives of ABF are:

  • To provide a sound platform for smooth business functioning to American Businesses in Pakistan, by providing knowledge and understanding of core business challenges.
  • To work closely with U.S embassy, Consulate and Government of Pakistan to promote mutual interests.
  • To facilitate Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan, by initiating multi-level dialogue (within and outside Pakistan)
  • Work as ambassadors of Pak-US businesses, within and outside Pakistan.
  • To actively engage in community development projects in the country, especially focusing on education, environment and health.

Board of Governors

These wonderful people make it all possible