BOG Meeting

Meeting Minutes:
Lunch with Mr Azfar Ahsan (Board of Investment) has been finalized
Date: 20th Dec,2021
Venue: Chameleon – Royal Palm Golf & Country Club
Menu : Ms Ayesha will talk to the Royal Palm team about price negotiation.
2.The subject of the discussion for the December 20 luncheon will be finalized this week..
3 January 11th, 2022 ABF visit to Mr Presidency: The agenda for the visit will be drafted by the Excom members and sent later than by Dec 8th,2021.
4. The ABF Sectoral Meeting will take place on Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 at 4:30 pm to discuss issues and next steps in the respective sectors.
5. The ABF website meeting will take place in the office of Anwar Kabir.
6. The ABF Newsletter will be compiled in January after the annual dinner.
7. The ABF 2021 membership fee has been collected.

Most Favoured Nation status to India by President ABF Mr. Salim Ghauri

American Business Forum Donated the funds to PAK PUR Foundation